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                Gregynog 99



                Events and timetables

                Location and travel

                EPSRC Gregynog Workshop

                Computation and Analytic Problems in Spectral Theory

                Principal Speakers

                J. Ball (Oxford, UK)
                C. Bennewitz (Lund, Sweden)
                B. Kawohl (Köln, Germany)
                I. Knowles (Birmingham, AL)
                J. J. Manfredi (Pittsburgh, PA)
                L. N. Trefethen (Oxford, UK

                General Enquiries

                Dr. Malcolm Brown.
                Computer Science
                Cardiff University
                PO Box 916
                CF24 3XF, U.K.

                A workshop on Computation and Analytic Problems in Spectral Theory is is to be held on the 21-26 July 2002. The venue will be Gregynog Hall, which is a conference centre owned by the University of Wales and situated in the mid-Wales countryside, near Newtown, Powys.

                There is an additional meeting 26-27 July 2002 at Gregynog to mark the sixty-fifth birthday of Professor M. S. P. Eastham (Cardiff).


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