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                Gregynog 08 | Location & Travel | Participants | Abstracts | Events & timetable  

                EPSRC Gregynog Workshop

                Computation and Analytic Problems in Spectral Theory

                The 6th workshop on Computation and Analytic Problems in Spectral Theory is to be held on the 12-18 July 2008. The venue will be Gregynog Hall, which is a conference centre owned by the University of Wales and situated in the mid-Wales countryside, near Newtown, Powys.

                Principal Speakers

                Professor M Dauge (Université De Rennes)
                Professor A Kirsch (Karlsruhe, Germany)
                Professor G Stolz (Birmingham Al)
                Professor C Stuart (Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne, Switzerland

                General Enquiries

                Prof Malcolm Brown.
                Cardiff School of Computer Science,
                Cardiff University,
                Queen's Buildings,
                5 The Parade, Roath,
                Cardiff CF24 3AA, UK

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