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                m-function & related topics conference
                July 2004

                m-function and related topics Conference

                19-21 July 2004, Cardiff, UK

                Conference abstracts are available to download as a single pdf file

                This three day meeting focused on the use of the m-function in solving both direct and inverse problems related to both ODE's and difference equations, application to the solution of the KDV equation, and also the use of the m-function in PDE theory via its connection with the Dirichlet-Neumann map. It marked also the 80th birthday of Professor WN Everitt.

                This meeting was organised by C Bennewitz, BM Brown, WD Evans, R Weikard.


                C Bennewitz (Lund, Sweden)
                WN Everitt (Birmingham, UK)
                F Gesztesy (Missouri , USA)
                D Hinton (Knoxville, USA)
                H Langer (Vienna, Austria)
                S Naboko (St Petersberg, Russia)
                B Pavlov (Aukland, New Zealand)
                DB Pearson (Hull, UK)
                B Simon (Cal Tech, USA

                A full list of participants is included with the conference abstracts.